Baltimore City Board of Estimates Resources

The Baltimore City Board of Estimates publishes their weekly agenda every Monday afternoon or evening for the meeting on Wednesday. Baltomatic has been archiving these agendas since February 2010. The file names for the first few years are a little bit inconsistent, but from February 2014 through May 2016 they are named by the date that they were posted to the comptroller's website. In June 2016 the comptroller's office updated the website and changed the URL of the agenda, and subsequently I missed about two months' of meetings. After July 2016, the files are named for the date of the meeting. As in the past, the comptroller's office deletes old agendas even though they now have unique names.

In 2011, Van Smith of the Baltimore City Paper published a blog post about Baltileaks' mirror of this site's archive, and the city council's own efforts at transparency. Mr. Smith provides these two links, which I was unable to find on the front of the City Council's web site:

For a long time the minutes from the Board of Estimates meetings were not available on the Internet. In 2011, the Comptroller's office began posting the minutes, but lagging as far as an entire year behind the meeting date.

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